Backup Generators

Verkís boasts extensive knowledge and experience in procurement, design, and service of backup generators.

Verkís has worked on consulting and services for backup power generators for various companies and institutions, such as hospitals, telecommunications companies, power plants, industrial plants, and shopping centres.

Diverse projects

These includes both large and small plants, from several kW to several MW. There are usually strict requirements in terms of the selection of equipment based on the conditions and type of load, reliability, and safety.

Verkís’ services cover all aspects of backup generators and include building structures, diesel engines, generators, fuel systems, cooling systems, exhaust, noise attenuation, batteries, power systems, control and protection equipment, auxiliary equipment, and safety equipment.

On land, generators are mainly used to respond in the event of a power outage, particularly in places where an outage can cause damage or endanger people’s life and health. The controls detect when the power goes out, intervenes, and starts the generator to provide backup power. Next, the controls maintain the correct engine speed while it needs to be running, just as the automatic transmission selects the appropriate gear when driving depending on whether you are driving uphill or downhill.

At sea, on the other hand, generators are always running, ensuring that energy requirements are met and the flow of energy around the ship is maintained. In this way, the controls ensure that the engine stays at the correct speed. Even though the role of the generators is different depending on whether they are on land or sea, the equipment and design of the controls are not that different.

In recent years, development within the fishing industry has been rapid, and technological progress has resulted in a safer working environment and better utilisation of Icelanders’ most valuable resource. Verkís has taken on numerous projects in control equipment within the fishing industry. In recent years, Verkís has undertaken large automation projects in fishing vessels and land processing, as well as programming automatic controls for power plants, both at sea and on land.

The role of the generators is different, depending on whether they are on land or sea, but the equipment and design of the controls are not that different.


  • Tender and part design
  • Creation of tender documents and procurement
  • Construction contracts and project supervision
  • Operation of statutory safety management systems
  • Power requirement calculations
  • Arrangement, cooling, and acoustics
  • Design of oil systems
  • Design of power distribution
  • Control Systems
  • Operation and testing
  • Needs analysis


Þórólfur Kristjánsson
Electrical Engineer B.Sc.
Field : Energy and industry

Kjartan Jónsson

Electrical and Business Industrial Engineer
Field : Energy and industry