Electrical Power Quality Issues and Magnetic Field Measurements

Verkís’ services relate to the design of transmission and distribution systems, industrial systems, communication systems and the installation of electrical equipment in buildings.

Electricity users expect the supply of energy to be very reliable, but unfortunately the quality of electricity is not always as expected and there are various reasons behind this.

Quality is important

Besides the possibility of a complete blackout, it is important when it comes to assessing the quality of electricity that factors such as fluctuations in voltage and frequency, overtone distortion, and more are assessed correctly and are within the limits set by regulations and standards.

When investing in electronic equipment such as computers, communication systems, computerised controls, and other equipment that can be susceptible to interference, it is important to consider the quality of the voltage available at the location in question to avoid unnecessary costs later on.

Verkís’ project list contains projects related to research on compatibility, power quality, and power disturbances, as well as the design of the systems aimed at minimising both the probability of disturbances and the effects of disturbances. Furthermore, the company has carried out projects related to research and measurements of electromagnetic fields in the environment of electrical equipment and people and evaluated the results with regard to regulations and standards.


  • Consultation regarding procurement contracts and equipment
  • Consultation on the selection of emergency and backup energy sources
  • Consultation and design of systems for ground electrodes and equipotential bonding
  • Measurements of power quality and magnetic field strength
  • Analysis of disturbances in electrical systems
  • Assessment of local conditions and installation


Emil Sigursveinsson
Electrical Engineer M.Sc.
Field : Energy and industry

Einar Þór Lárusson

Electrical Engineer M.Sc.
Field : Energy and industry