Micro Power Plants

Verkís’ experts have substantial experience of working with micro power plants and provide consultation at all stages of the process.

In recent years, many landowners in Iceland have wondered whether it is possible and profitable to harness rivers and streams on their lands.

We make a complex process simple

Some want to ensure that they have electricity if the electricity system fails, others want to lower the electricity bill, and then some want to earn money by selling electricity into the system.

Even if a river or stream is present, the efficiency of harnessing the flow varies. Before embarking on a costly project, it is therefore wise to assess feasibility. It is necessary to estimate the flow of the river, assess the height of the drop, explore connection possibilities, and assess the environmental impact.

In order to build a micro power plant, you have to go through a certain process in the system that can be complicated if you’re not familiar with it. This is where Verkís’ experts come in and can handle all preparatory research, preliminary studies, and initial design, assessment obligation inquiry and rentals, operation, and installation of measuring equipment.

We have vast experience regarding micro power plants and guarantee the best possible outcome for the buyer.


Stefán Bjarnason
Civil Engineer M.Sc. / Marketing manager
Field : Energy and industry

Unnar Númi Almarsson

Civil and Environmental Engineer B.Sc.
Field : Energy and industry