Safety Issues

Verkís carries out multidisciplinary projects in the field of safety issues, from occupational safety and construction safety to emergency and trauma management.

We all want to get home safely at the end of the working day and ensure as much safety and continuity as possible in the operations of our companies.

We ensure safety

We want to increase the disaster resilience of the operation, as well as ensure a targeted response and quick recovery, so that unexpected disasters have as little impact on it as possible.

The demands of companies and employees for a safe and healthy working environment are growing, as is the follow-up by the legislature to ensure that the minimum requirements are met. More and more companies are imposing stricter safety requirements than the minimum requirements of the legislation.

During the preparation of projects, construction, and business operations, the risk involved in the activity must be assessed and measures taken to reduce it. It is also necessary to assess the impact that unexpected external events can have on the business and respond to them in an acceptable manner to ensure continuous operations.

Needs analyses and assessments of the state of safety issues in companies and organisations are useful for identifying the issues that need improvement.

Verkís’ experts in safety issues and in various professional fields carry out interdisciplinary projects that relate to both construction and business operations.


  • Prevention and response to the risk of wildfires
  • Emergency management, continuity management, and disaster resilience
  • Occupational health and safety courses
  • Safety and health plan along with risk assessment
  • Safety at the construction site and during the preparation stage
  • Audits and planning of escape routes – evacuations
  • Safety management, strategic planning, and safety design


Dóra Hjálmarsdóttir

Dóra Hjálmarsdóttir
HSE representative and consultant / Electrical Engineer M.Sc. / Certified Emergency Manager CEM®
Field : Buildings

Eiríkur K. Þorbjörnsson
Electrical Engineer B.Sc./ Security and Risk management M.Sc.
Field : Buildings