Throughout the decades, Verkís has taken part in the design and maintenance of all major airports in Iceland.

Verkís places a large emphasis on staying informed about the constant developments and innovations in the world of airport design.

Your gateway to airport engineering

The services that Verkís offers for airports involve building and structure design at all design phases, project management, construction supervision, attention to the environmental and safety aspects of the project, construction planning within restricted areas, condition evaluation, maintenance planning, as well as various types of operating assistance.

Verkís has a specialized team of designers working on airport projects, and there is extensive experience at the company in designing airport structures. The design work and consulting services offered by Verkís include work on airport terminals, service buildings, runways, ramps, aprons, hangars, electrical systems, lighting systems, and utilities. The airport specialists at Verkís have varied backgrounds and regularly work on airport projects. They are well acquainted with all the principal regulations and legal frameworks that airports are required to be in accordance with.

When it comes to airport project planning and development, Verkís places the main emphasis on the safety of all airport users. Regardless of whether a maintenance project or a new construction is being planned, the solutions are geared towards minimizing the effects of construction on passengers, as well as towards ensuring the utmost safety of all parties concerned, e.g. airport staff.

Verkís has a great understanding of the airport working environment; knowledge which combined with decades of experience in all areas of engineering guarantees excellent service from Verkís when it comes to air traffic projects.

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Hallgrímur Örn Arngrímsson
Civil Engineer / Marketing manager
Field : Infrastructure

Ragnar Steinn Clausen
Civil Engineer
Field : Infrastructure