Electrical Power Production

Electrical power production has been growing rapidly in Iceland over the last few years and decades, and Verkís is very much at the forefront of that field.

Verkís is a leading company in the field of consulting and design for environmentally friendly energy production and has played an important role in the development of such energy production in Iceland.

We swim with the current

The company has been involved in the design of most power plants in Iceland since the middle of the twentieth century, and is the main designer of many power plants in the country, both geothermal and hydropower plants. These include the Kárahnjúkar hydropower project, Sultartangi power plant, Blanda power plant, Nesjavellir geothermal plant and Hellisheiði geothermal plant. The company has also handled the design of several power plants on foreign soil, including Greenland, El Salvador, Georgia, Norway, and Turkey.

Verkís also works on other environmentally friendly energy production such as wind energy, tidal energy, and the utilisation of residual heat with binary cycle power plants.

Our experts closely monitor the latest trends in power production and have decades of experience in combining electrical power production and environmental protection. We are proud of our contribution to the development of electrical energy production in Iceland and will continue to add to our knowledge for the foreseeable future.

Much has changed in electrical energy production in Iceland in recent years, but Verkís has been involved in the design of most of the power plants in Iceland.



Carine Chatenay
Civil Engineer M.Sc. / Marketing manager
Field : Energy and industry

Snæbjörn Jónsson

Electrical Engineer M.Sc. / Senior Project Manager
Field : Energy and industry