Verkís has experience in numerous fisheries projects involving control equipment within the fishing industry, including programming, design, consulting, and making electrical drawings.

Development within the fishing industry is fast and technology is advancing rapidly.

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Icelanders sell seafood in markets around the world, products that many consider among the best when it comes to quality.

We rely on centuries-old knowledge of fishing and fish processing, but to maintain our position we must constantly be on our toes and keep up with the latest technology. A diverse group of experts at Verkís has extensive knowledge and experience to handle diverse projects in the fishing industry. Technological progress leads to a changed working environment and better utilisation of energy, personnel, and resources

Increased demands are being made for environmental issues and there have, been calls for access to land connections for ships in the country’s ports. Verkís employs a diverse group of experts in the field of environmental issues, with ample experience in assessing the environmental impact of projects, research, and applications for the required work permits.

Fish farming requires a short implementation period and high efficiency. The key to a successful project is careful preparation and planning. Verkís has designed and managed the construction of fish farms all over Iceland.

Verkís boasts a wide range of expertise among its experts. Therefore, Verkís has been able to take on large and multifaceted projects, such as the design of a new building for Guðmundur Runólfs hf.’s fish processing factory in Grundarfjörður. The design of the building was based on BIM, information modeling of structures, where all building parts are drawn in three dimensions. With BIM, there is an opportunity to increase the quality of design, optimise practical construction, and build more environmentally friendly structures.


Kristján G. Sveinsson
Civil Engineer M.Sc.
Field : Energy and industry