Many new solutions designing Marriott airport hotel in Keflavik

  • Aðaltorg Hótel í Reykjanesbæ Marriott keðja © Skjáskot/Suðurnesja Magasín VF

It took only one and a half year to build Courtyard by Marriott by Keflavik airport and now it´s ready to host guests in 150 rooms. The building time was unusually short and engineers had to seek new solutions in the design process. Verkis consulting engineers was responsible for all engineering design and consulting.

Last summer a ship was laid to dock in Iceland. It´s cargo was no regular cargo, in the ship were 150 complete hotel rooms in modules. About a week later, all the rooms had been assembled. Over the past months the final preparations has been in progress. And now it´s ready. 

The hotel was build by the company Aðaltorg hf. Ingvar Eyfjörð, their representative, said in a interview that because the building was assembled from modules, Verkís had to bring in many new solutions. Everything was successful, according to Ingvar.

With traditional construction methods, the project time would have been two to two and a half years, but the hotel was built in one and a half year.

In this video you can follow the hotel rooms to Iceland and see how the were assembled:


Project: Marriott airport hotel