Geothermal energy

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Grozni geothermal project

Verkís conducted a feasibility study for the utilization of geothermal hot water from old oil wells in the Starogroznenskaya oil field for production of electricity and hot water for district heating. The Starogroznenskaya oil field upper cretaceous reservoir is a depleted oil reservoir 8 km from the city center of Grozny in the Chechen Republic in the Russian federation. Most of the oil wells were drilled during the years 1964-1974 and the oil was mostly depleted by 1988 when water injection into several wells was ceased.

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Çanakkale binary geothermal power plant

Verkís has assisted the turn-key contractor Atlas Copco Energas for the design of the brine gathering system, design of sections of the electrical- and control systems, design review of Contractor's drawings as well as site inspections to FAT tests. Last but not least has Verkís supervised the testing and commissioning of the generator protection and synchronisation systems and connection to the adjacent power grid.

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Pamukören geothermal power plant

Verkís has assisted the turn-key contractor Atlas Copco during the commissioning and start-up phase of the Pamukören binary geothermal power plant.

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Geothermal resource optimization study of the greater Olkaria geothermal fields

The consortium composed of Verkís, Mannvit, ÍSOR and Vatnaskil conducted Consultancy Services for Geothermal Resource Optimization Study of the Greater Olkaria Geothermal Fields for Kenya Electricity Generation Company Ltd. (KenGen).

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Corbetti goethermal power project

The consortium Verkís/Mannvit was appointed in 2014 by Reykjavík Geothermal and later Corbetti Geothermal Company as Owner's Engineer for the Corbetti Geothermal Power Project. The company is to focus on the development of high temperature (high enthalpy) geothermal resources for utility scale power production in the Main Ethiopian Rift. The plan involves the construction of a geothermal power project of 500 MWe in two phases and additional 500 MWe at a later stage.

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Short course on geothermal project management

Verkís has conducted various short courses on Geothermal Project Management organized by United Nation University Geothermal Training Programme (UNU-GTP) and financed by the Icelandic International Development Agency  (ICEIDA) and the Nordic Development Fund (NDF) Geothermal Exploration Project in East Africa.

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Nal jarðvarmi

NAL-60 Geothermal project:Theistareykir / Bjarnarflag

The NAL-60 geothermal power plant project is currently under development with two planned geothermal power plants: Bjarnarflag, 45-90 MWe, and Theistareykir, 90 MWe. The electricity produced by the plants will first serve for industrial purposes in the Húsavík area located nearby. The consortium Verkís/Mannvit has been appointed by Landsvirkjun in 2011 to conduct the design, tendering and construction supervision of the power plants.

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Germencik geothermal power plant

Verkís was the Technical Adviser to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and other potential lenders for the 123,3 MW Germencik geothermal power plant project during the project preparation and design up to financial close phase.

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Bouillante 1 & 2 geothermal power plants

Verkís has been engaged in various assignments for Geóthermie Bouillante from feasibility study and conceptual design for development of the plant, linked among others to reinjection, to inspection and expertise services on plant condition, operation and maintenance.

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The steam supply system in Bjarnarflag

Verkís services was participating in project and design management, tender documents, electrical systems, control and protection, buildings services and civil work. Adaption and optimization to existing mechanical systems, construction supervision, risk assessment, test and start-up commissioning.

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Reykjanes power plant

Verkís services was project management and design supervision, detail design, tender documents and procurement: structural design, mechanical design, piping systems, ventilation, control and monitoring equipment. Supervision of construction work, testing and start-up activities.

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Krafla 60 mw geothermal power plant

The Krafla power station is a geothermal power plant with high and low pressure steam from 18 boreholes driving 2x30 MW turbines. During the completion of Krafla in 1997-2002, Verkís provided consulting services for all electrical- control- and protection equipment, as well as for civil work for the steam supply system. Verkís also conducted all testing and start-up commissioning for the electrical, control and protection equipment.

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Modular well-head geothermal power plants

Verkís has assisted Green Energy Geothermal, the solution provider, in developing modular and cost efficient well-head power plants since 2009.

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Azores power plant

Verkís services was technical and operational consultancy.

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El Salvador power plant

Verkís services was detail design, tender documents, procurement, commissioning: mechanical and electrical equipment, control and protection.

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Hellisheiði power plant

Verkís services was participation in project management, design, tender documents and procurement: civil works, underground piping systems, electrical equipment, unit control and protection equipment. Site construction supervision, testing and commissioning.

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